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Jean Launois
Orientalism · 20th Century Art · Biographies
Orientalist art, popular in Western World, despite its appeal, gradually declined by the early 1900s. The style of academic painting associated with it appeared outdated, as new trends like Tonalism, the Aesthetic style, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism emerged. However, the passion of ...
History of Furniture: Cabinets
Interior Design · Craftsmanship · Furniture
Our ancestors stored their supplies in the recesses of caves or hollow trees. Then they began to gouge out the wood - this is how the box appeared. The drawer and lid are almost a cupboard.In ancient Rome, there were recesses in the wall for storing weapons - armariums, later they had doors ...
Chiwara Masks
African Art · Heritage · Craftsmanship
Art historians consider the Chi wara (also Ci Wara, or Tyi Wara) to be the iconic sculpture, that came from the West African region, known as Mali, that included the Bamana or Ségou Empire. The first documents were printed in 1912 in France and were called 'Tyi Ouara'. The Bamana (or Bambar ...
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