“This is the power of gathering: it inspirses us, delightfully, to be more
hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive”
Alice Waters
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Art Deco
Art Deco · 20th Century · Visual Arts History
Art Deco is a relatively new style, yet, there are many curiosities hidden in its history. Popular in the “Roaring 20s”, this style comes back to the 21st century as a major trend. What is Art Deco Style? Art Deco is a style that combined arts and craftsmanship, it manifested across arc ...
Wedgwood Jasperware
Josiah Wedgwood (1730 – 1795) – An English potter, who’s company was founded in 1759. Wedgwood crafts are famous for their unique traditional materials: Jasper, luminescent Queen’s Ware, and fine bone china. Since 1759 to today, many of Josiah Wedgwood’s methods are still used b ...
Archibald Knox and his Design
Archibald Knox · Art Nouveau · Celtic Revival
Archibald Knox was born in the year 1864 in the Isle of Man. Although being Manx by birth, he had a Scottish descent, and this origin would have an important aesthetical influence in his designs, inasmuch many of them feature the characteristic disciplined and sober traces of the North. Arch ...
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