Delivery & Home Viewing

COC is responsible for the delivery and legal ownership of items to the Buyer.

COC offers a service of viewing the item in the Buyer's home or chosen location within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). COC team will coordinate to schedule a time suitable for each party. COC team will then accompany the antique item(s) to the chosen location to view the item(s). Upon inspection of the item, the Buyer can choose to continue with the purchase on site, or reject the item without any financial obligation. Once the product(s) is/are within the Buyer's possession or their third party without a COC representative, employee, or management present, the item(s) are deemed sold and cannot be returned, refunded, or order cancelled.

If the Buyer purchases and gives payment for the item over the website, the Buyer forfeits the option for home viewing and the sale is considered final.

For each item sold on the website and in person through Home Viewing, represents that COC will convey clear title of each Item to the Buyer upon receipt by COC or his/her agent of their Total Purchase Price for the Item.

In the case of Buyer-arranged shipping, risk of loss and title for such Items pass to Buyer upon Seller's delivery of the Item to the carrier selected by the Buyer for shipment or when the Buyer picks up the Item from the Seller. In the case of COC arranging shipping, risk of loss and title for such Items pass to Buyer upon Buyer's receipt of the Item. COC represents that COC is the sole owner of each Item COC is offering for sale on the Site or that COC is duly authorized by the owner of the Item to sell the Item and that COC will transfer ownership of the Item to the Buyer free from any claims by third parties.

Want to see the
item in person?


Need to visualize a beautiful piece in your home? Not sure if it is quite the right size? Book a time for the team to bring the item to your home to see if it is the perfect fit for your interiors. The eye icon indicates that item is available for home viewing.