Wedgwood Jasperware


Josiah Wedgwood (1730 – 1795) – An English potter, who’s company was founded in 1759. Wedgwood crafts are famous for their unique traditional materials: Jasper, luminescent Queen’s Ware, and fine bone china. Since 1759 to today, many of Josiah Wedgwood’s methods are still used by artisans in Barlaston.

Jasperware (also known as Wedgwood Jasper) is a type of stoneware invented in 1774 as a result of thousands of trials. It resembles porcelain in appearance with its fine-grained look with a smooth texture in matte surface, unglazed. It is then painted with beautiful colors such as blue, green, lilac, yellow, black, or white. The famous light blue jasper gave origin to the phrase “Wedgwood Blue,” and it is still a recognizable Wedgwood hallmark across the world.

Vases, urns, plaques, and tableware were made from clay, which was then adorned with applied figures and motifs influenced by classical art. Neoclassical patterns have been the most iconic goods in England for over 250 years.

Josiah Wedgwood kept the recipe of producing jasperware in secret: he split production jobs and required his employees to become highly specialized. The ingredients were also hidden from competitors. The clay components were processed in London and then shipped to Staffordshire in powder form.

The famous Jasper’s hidden component, barium sulphate, has been identified later by modern chemical analyses. It enhances the elasticity of clay and contributes the unique matte finish. Nowadays jasperware is produced with advanced modern technologies and from different minerals.

However, collectors today appreciate antique collectibles that were manufactured from jasperware in the 18th century.

With exceptional craftsmanship, each item is one-of-a-kind and the traditional blue jasperware is still in high demand. Jasper serveware is popular but there are many other home accessories for an elegant interior such as pendant lamps, vases, and statuettes sporting the Wedgwood name.

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