André Delatte

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Banker captured his name in cameo glass – Andre Delatte (1887- 1953).

André Delatte is a master glassmaker who founded Verreries de l’Est in 1921, whose workshop produced beautiful artistic glassware under the A.Delatte Nancy trademark in Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

Beginning of 20th century.

André, a young French banker, distant from the world of art visited one of his clients – Muller Freres, glassmakers in Lunéville – and discovered a genuine vocation for creative glasswork, particularly the chemistry. He started his career by decorating Muller Freres glass pieces and two years later, in 1919 he opened a workshop in Nancy, a famous region of artisans such as Gallé, Daum, Majorelle and Grüber, and had already employed around thirty people.

In 1921, André Delatte opened his first own studio, a small artistic glass factory Les Verreries de l’Est SA in Jarville. Delatte’s commercial skills enabled his glassworks to flourish and knew how to hire the most skilled artisans, such as Paul Maheux,

who oversaw the glass manufacturing at his firm. All of the most exquisite items created of glassworks in the 1930s were the result of his efforts.

Concurrent with the success, the team grew from thirty to sixty skilled employees, many of whom were simply recruited by the competitor Glashütte Daum. In the face of this interference, the Daum House did not remain idle, they filed a case against Delatte glassware for infringement as in 1922. It is indisputable that

while the two glassmakers take on the same processes and the productions are similar stylistically, notably by the etched glass with acid or enamel with realistic motifs, he still manages to develop his own brand with a distinct touch.

André Delatte recognized the birth of Art Deco and new fashion, thus remained true to his style and kept creating unique pieces which were at the pinnacle of aesthetics at the time. However, most of his masterpieces of elegancy was in the Art Nouveau style.

Due to the global crisis (the great depression) and competition from Eastern Europe, Delatte’s glass manufacture closed in 1933. He moved to Cavaillon in the South of France in 1937, and dies in 1953 of heart attack.

Despite Andre’s brief artistic career, we may still appreciate his wonderful works.

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