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"Storia Do Mogor 1653-1708" in 4 Volumes
Niccolao Manucci Translated by William Irvine
AED 4,000


The first edition of "Storia Do Mogor 1653-1708" in full set of 4 volumes, translated by William Irvine, a British historian and an Indian Civil Service officer, from the original text by Niccolao Manucci.

Hard covers in colored cloth, stamped with gilt. Illustrated with black and white and color illustrations, contains a folded map of India inside the last (fourth) volume. 

Slight signs of wear on the pages and spines, overall good antique condition.

Published by John Murray, London, 1907 - 1908. Part of the "The Indian Texts Series."

Niccolao Manucci (19 April 1638 – 1717) was a Venetian writer, self-taught physician, and traveler. His firsthand accounts of the Mughal Empire are valuable foreign sources for events in India under Mughal rule, documenting both historical events and local customs.

Item Details
Reference: #BK066
  • Creator
    Niccolao Manucci Translated by William Irvine
  • Dimensions
    Approx. H 23.5 cm x W 17 cm x D 5 cm (each)
  • Weight
    3.5 kg
  • Place of origin
  • Condition
    Very good
  • Package
    COC Box/Bag
  • Period / Date
    1907 - 1908
  • Materials & Techniques
    Paper - Hard Cover in Green Cloth
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