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Spectacular Flemish Tapestry Depicting Alexander Macedonian during the Battle of Issus
After Jacob Jordaens
AED 240,000
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Spectacular large scale mid-17th Century Flemish tapestry created after the 1630s design by Jacob Jordaens (d. 1678). Several tapestries of identical design were produced based on drawings by this artist and now adorn walls in Edinburgh Palace Toledo Cathedral Chigi Palace in Rome.

The composition framed in a border with caryatides, snakes, and other distinctive decorative elements, depicts "Alexander the Great Wounded in the Thigh at the Battle of Issus". During the Battle of Issus in 333 BC Alexander the Great sustained a severe shoulder wound while leading his troops against the Persian forces led by Darius III. Despite his injury, Alexander continued to fight bravely and ultimately emerged victorious securing a significant triumph in his campaign to conquer the Persian Empire.

Minor signs of natural antique wear and rewoving Overall good condition. Brussel school emblem is visible on the lower center "B shield shape B."

Item Details
Reference: #PA163
  • Creator
    After Jacob Jordaens
  • Dimensions
    H 380 cm x W 475 cm
  • Weight
    12 kg
  • Place of origin
    Brussels (Flanders)
  • Condition
  • Package
    Bubble Wrap
  • Period / Date
    Mid-17th Century
  • Materials & Techniques
    Silk - Wool - Woven
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