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Large Flemish Tapestry Depicting Cupid And Psyche
AED 80,000
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Spectacular Flemish Verdure tapestry depicting Pysche and the Sleeping Cupid in a flourishing garden, with an architectural landscape on the background. The composition is framed with a wide rim, decorated with traditional scroll motifs, florals, fruits, and birds. The vibrant colors are still strikingly beautiful, despite of natural aging. 

Flemish tapestries were made in Europe, in the regions that includes parts of present-day Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. This particular piece is probably from Audenarde (Dutch: Oudenaarde), Belgium.

The myth of Cupid and Psyche tells of a mortal princess, Psyche, whose extraordinary beauty arouses the jealousy of Venus. Cupid fell in love with her but keept his identity hidden. After Psyche's curiosity leads to their separation, she embarked on a journey of trials and perseverance, ultimately reuniting with Cupid and achieving immortality. Their story embodies themes of love, trust, and the transformative power of enduring challenges, making it an enduring symbol of true love in classical mythology.

Item Details
Reference: #PA119
  • Creator
  • Dimensions
    H 336 cm x W 217 cm
  • Weight
    5.8 kg
  • Place of origin
    Probably Belgium
  • Condition
    Very Good
  • Package
    Bubble Wrap
  • Period / Date
    18th Century
  • Materials & Techniques
    Tapestry - Silk and Wool - Linen
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