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Chinese Peking Dark Blue Glass Vase with Red Overlay
Qian Long
AED 1,500


Peking glass dates back to the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty in China. The glass designs were created to imitate Jade and other stones. Even though glass making declined by the 19th century, there is still contemporary production. Depicts Chinese scenery. Typical of Chinese art, reign marks are on the bottom of the piece. 

Item Details
Reference: #GCV029
  • Creator
    Qian Long
  • Dimensions
    H 25.5 X D 7.5 (base) X D 8.5 (upper)
  • Weight
    1.3 kg
  • Place of origin
    Hong Kong
  • Condition
  • Package
    COC Box/Bag
  • Period / Date
  • Materials & Techniques
    Glass - Overlay
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