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Maison Denière was a famous French foundry with an unrivaledreputation for quality in the nineteenth century. Jean François Denière (1744 – 1866) and Thomas Matelin founded the first workshop Denière et Matelin in 1808.

According to the catalogue of the 1855 Paris ExpositionUniverselle, the firm specialized in clocks, chandeliers, candelabras, table tops, bronze statues, all of the different styles. The Denières relocated many times, from the rue de Turenne in 1812 to the rue de Charlot (from 1860 to 1890), passing via the street d’Orleans in the process (from 1820 to 1840).

Emperor Napoleon III bestowed the prestigious title of “Fornisseurs de Roi” (King’s Supplier) on the business and commissioned Denière to create several works of art. These featured two pairs of candelabra modeled after the ‘Three Graces’ made in 1855 for the Palais-Royal service.

The orders for royal furniture under the July Monarchy and the Second Empire were particularly important: an entire series of clocks, huge candlesticks, and candelabras for the Tuileries Garden.

Denière also received a large number of international orders. The most impressive being the gilded bronze produced for the Russian ambassador Kisselef in 1854, as well as many furniture items for Egypt’s Viceroy, Sad Pacha.

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