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Venetian Etched Mirrors in Giltwood Frames
AED 8,000 per item


Venetian mirrors in distinctive Baroque carved and gilt wood frames, richly adorned with floral motifs, scrolls and pierced arched plate on top. The mirror glass plates are etched, with figures in center, framed in decorative bell and foliate patterns. Mercury overlay has visible antique wear and occasional flaking. The frames are in good condition, with fading on the gilt surface, the bottom finial on the right mirror has been restored (chip re-attachment and gilt retouch). The verso is covered with craft paper from the restorations, and hanging hooks are functional.

The mirrors may be purchased separately or as a set of three pieces. Images depicted on the mirrors are listed below (list order from left to right as per the 1st image):
– Figure of a lady in traditional dress
– Figure of Bacchus with grapes
– Figure of a lady in Roman dress holding a mirror

Item Details
Reference: #FM129
  • Creator
  • Dimensions
    Approx. H 85 cm x W 44 cm x D 10 cm
  • Weight
    1.5 kg
  • Place of origin
  • Condition
  • Package
    Bubble Wrap
  • Period / Date
    Late 18th – Early 19th Century
  • Materials & Techniques
    Giltwood - Mercury Mirror - Carved - Etched
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