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Tall Wooden Drawer with Arabic Inscribtions
AED 40,000


Solid wood and marquetry chest of drawers with a white marble tabletop. 

Each drawer is inscribed with lines of poetry from Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin, son-in-law, and companion of the Prophet Muhammad. He was one of the central figures in Shia Islam as the first Shia Imam and in Sunni Islam as the fourth of the "rightly guided" caliphs.

The poetry states:

"Leave the care for the Dunya*
And in life, do not covet
And do not make money
You don't know who to collect
and you do not know in your land
A mother in another is crying out
The sustenance is divided
and bad thinking does not help
Poor is everyone who covets
Rich is everyone who is persuaded"

*Dunia refers to the temporal world and its earthly concerns and possessions.

Item Details
Reference: #FM075
  • Creator
  • Dimensions
    H 123.5 cm x W 115 cm x D 41 cm
  • Weight
    74 kg
  • Place of origin
    Probably Syria
  • Condition
  • Package
    Wooden Crate
  • Period / Date
    Probably 19th Century
  • Materials & Techniques
    Marquetry - Wood - Marble
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