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Set of Four Drip Vases
Elyse Graham
AED 7,400
QTY: 4


A set of four drip vases by Elyse Graham. Inspired by landscapes, each hand-casted with plaster in a balloon shape. The interior of the vase is made of resin to make it waterproof and the outer layer is hand dyed.

Item Details
Reference: #P023
  • Creator
    Elyse Graham
  • Dimensions
    1 . Large Round Vase: H 23cm x D 20cm (base) 2. Long Vase: H 38cm x D 14cm (base) 3. Medium Round Vase: H 30cm x D 30cm (base) - 4. Small Round Vase: H 14cm x D 10cm (base)
  • Weight
    2.45 kg
  • Place of origin
    Los Angeles - USA
  • Condition
  • Package
    COC Box/Bag
  • Period / Date
    21 Century
  • Materials & Techniques
    Plaster - Resin
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